Stop Trident War Crimes

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The Case

The Public Interest Case Against Trident (PICAT) is a citizens’ attempt to prosecute members of the UK government in a UK court for conspiring to commit a war crime. Nuclear weapons could never be used in accordance with international law, and if ever used in anger or by accident would cause millions of deaths and injuries and cause a global famine. There is compelling evidence of this that should be allowed to be laid before the courts.



How much are we raising and why?

The first stage of this application for a Judicial Review may cost as much as £10,000. The chances of success are not high but we will make the attempt and will try to raise this initial amount. Even though any lawyers acting for us will give their time and resources freely, the Attorney General’s lawyers will charge. This is why we are aiming for an initial target of £10,000. This is an all-or-nothing target, so pledges are only
collected if we reach this target in 30 days.


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