Who’s exhibiting at DPRTE 2018?

Who will be exhibiting at the next DPRTE arms fair in Cardiff on 27th of March 2018?

Dell and Epson will, and so will UK Defence Solutions Centre which describe themself like this:

The UK Defence Solutions Centre is a new, impartial organisation which enables us to listen to export customers, identifying concepts and solutions, and bring industry and government innovations together to deliver solutions that are fast, economic and strategic.

So what kind of “innovative solutions” is this “impartial organisation” talking about? It’s innovative new ways of blowing people up devised by an arms company that’s impartial as to which despots and war criminals they sell weapons to.

The DPRTE homepage shows images of a tank, gunship, helicopter, plane and submarine.

Exhibitors include arms firm BAE Systems and the UK Defence Solutions Centre – unveiled by
David Cameron in 2014 to develop new defence technology.

Let’s all go to Cardiff on 27th of March and tell them: No more innovative solutions by impartial organisations!

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