Motorpoint phone blockade

On Tuesday 27th February and Thursday 15th March we’d like to ask everyone to phone and email the Motorpoint Arena and tell them that we don’t want an arms fair in Cardiff which promotes death and destruction.   Here’s how to…

Stop Trident War Crimes

Please consider supporting this: The Case The Public Interest Case Against Trident (PICAT) is a citizens’ attempt to prosecute members of the UK government in a UK court for conspiring to commit a war crime. Nuclear weapons could never be…

MLK car ad

Martin Luther King Jr speech used in car advertisement:

Well, on Sunday, Ram trucks marked the anniversary of King’s speech by using part of it in a Super Bowl ad to sell trucks. The controversial ad featured King’s voice played over video showing U.S. marines, ranchers and a soldier wearing camouflage, but it ignored King’s own warning about car advertisements from the same speech..